Literacy Games – Great School Project Ideas

Books have been written about them and a number of different comedians talk about them as a part of their stand up routine. Many parents dread it when their child announces they need help and some creative school project ideas since that is usually the signal for days of roaming craft stores and surfing around online trying to come up with school project ideas that will impress the teacher. Here we’ll look at some Literacy Games – Great School Project Ideas.

School Project Ideas – Where to Get Help

Every child’s school project comes with the same instruction – that children should make all of the elements themselves. That might work for kids on say, a high school level, but if you know an elementary school child who has ever completed a big school project by themselves we’d love to hear about it because we certainly never have.

Whatever the actual theme of the school project, there is always going to be a fact-finding element. Fortunately these days there is one place to head that should cover at least the basics about whatever topic you are (or rather your child ) is supposed to be coming up with school project ideas for, Wikipedia.

When it comes to finding places online to help with both fact-based and creative school project ideas here are a few websites that might prove very useful:

In fact, it often seems that in assigning such things teachers know that they are challenging the parents, rather than the children, to come up with the best school project ideas.

Some teachers will criticize the use of Wikipedia by their students at all, questioning the quality of the information there. However, we have yet to ever find anything there that was hugely erroneous and sources have to be cited of course so for basic information purposes we believe that Wikipedia is a great place to start.

Where to Find School Project Supplies

There are plenty of places to find school project supplies to use to create your child’s educational masterpiece. One of the best places to start can be the closets and cupboards in your own home. Shoeboxes, cereal boxes, egg cartoon and empty soda bottles can all often become very useful elements of a school project.

Its unlikely though, in most cases, that you will have everything you need to successfully execute your school project ideas on hand. Craft stores like AC Moore and Michaels are a good place to shop but before you head there, check for coupons online or in the local newspaper as both stores often offer significant discounts via coupons, often as much as 60% off your entire order.

Dollar and closeout stores can be great resources for helping complete your school project ideas as well. Although the offerings change almost every day at the average dollar store you can usually find a selection of different arts and crafts supplies all the time and these are usually even cheaper than the supplies you will find at a traditional craft store.