How Literacy Volunteers Help

Literacy Volunteers are believing that supported and well-trained volunteers can be highly effective teachers of adults.

Literacy Volunteers provides free, individualized student-focused instruction in basic literacy & English language capabilities.

Literacy Volunteers of East Bay (LVEB) includes some 80 volunteers, 1 administrative director, and Board of Directors of 8 members.

LVEB is serving around 80 adult learners every year through the organization’s group class leaders and well-trained tutors. Most students receive tutoring on an individual basis, but the organization also provide group instruction for local organizations or businesses who have a group of people that need their services.

Tutors are required to complete a training program of 15 hours and they continually are supported by a literacy specialist.

LV East Bay is an organization that provides services and/or referrals to adult learners who are at least 18 years old, and who live in or are willing to travel to LVEB’s program area of Warren, Bristol, East Providence, and Warren.

The organization is financed by substantial donations from local businesses and citizens, the U.S. Department of Education, and money generated through an annual funding campaign.


  • Tutors are kept in shape through online courses.
  • They can stay in practice with new courses on the Verizon Literacy Campus. Those who have used this program for tutor training will see that new topics are continuously added (check out especially the classes on teaching reading & writing, and citizenship). All courses are available at no charge, but tutors are required to register.
    Tutors are required to attend at least one service program per year, and to guide one new tutor at his/her training.
  • Resources are provided for use with students regarding GED Testing and Instruction Centers (Computer Teaching Resources).
  • LVEB offers many opportunities for people wanting to become volunteers or tutors.
  • LVEB provides free tutoring in reading, writing, spoken English, or citizenship.
  • LVEB additionally offers small group classes in Conversational English, Basic Reading and Writing, Math, and Preparing for the
    Citizenship Exam at no cost.


All LVEB programs are free of charge and confidential. They can help you…

Many students want or need to find a well-paying job, advance their careers, or earn a secondary education degree so they can continue their education in college or university.

All these students want to improve their lives and fight to get better chances to support their families. Some also want to be able to read to their children or grandchildren, and many also need to learn to read medicine bottles, or to write out checks to pay their bills.