Microsoft Digital Literacy

Digital technology plays a major role in our culture today. It is integrated into practically everything we use from the gadgets we use to communicate to the way that we store and relay information to the development of new educational tools. Microsoft Digital Literacy is key for many aspects of our contemporary literary development and E-learning has become a common method of providing materials that can be used for personnel training as well through electronic transfer.

The following BBC video explains clearly what Digital Literacy entails through their ‘Go The Distance’ course that allows you to gain the knowledge and skills to be top-notch distance learners.

Online education, also known as distance learning is now a regular alternative to the traditional method of finishing a course. It is cost effective and it provides easy access, greater efficiency and has improved learning opportunities by offering a format that engages students to learn more effectively. This counts as one of the most valuable contributions that technology has given us today – it has given us all an easier access to education.

Brick and mortar institutions also use technology widely in their operations such as the use of new gadgets in place of registration forms to gather information for enrollment. Educators now believe that participation is an effective approach to learning and results in more positive outcomes. So unite for literacy and help others become literacy-savvy as well.

Different colleges and universities are taking advantage of technological innovations and social media to study the behavior of users. The outcomes of the studies are then adapted to improve and develop the students’ skills to prepare them for their eventual move to the workplace.

Using technology to facilitate learning allows abstract concepts to be simplified and provides a more enjoyable and exciting environment in the classroom. Letting students experience the practical application of scientific theories can cause them to retain ideas better than just a regular classroom discussion.

Exposing students early to the potential uses of technology in the learning process can help cultivate the proper discipline and professionalism that they can apply when they get hired for a job. Critical literacy matters! Having a high level of literacy in this area defines a student’s ability to extract information from a shared resource.

Balanced Literacy

Educators are now challenged by the effort to make students understand the different cultures and languages that exist all over the world. This has become vital because technology has made it possible for us to consider the global community. The ease of communication and transactions between countries has made the world smaller which dictates a different approach to education. Check out also these literacy narrative examples.

Unique strategies in teaching are now implemented to help students learn better and succeed later on in life. Literacy programs are basically geared towards the study of the language, culture, traditions, and different forms of art. The approach now is to provide an in-depth study of a country’s profile and tackle complex issues such as poverty, health, education, local culture and the maintenance of local heritage.

Adopting a better method of teaching is necessary especially for countries like the United States where the students come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The level of academic success can only be improved if the learning needs of students are addressed from the formative years. This will allow them to learn independently, which is a trait that will be advantageous to them for the rest of their life.

For instance, teaching about world history should be done from a context that embraces the entire society, not just a country or civilization. All factors that are relevant to the concept should be introduced so that students will gain a better perspective on the subject. Exposing children to this new concept makes them better equipped to handle complicated topics later on.

The current models that are used in the introduction of a balanced approach to education are centered on two core subjects, Reading and Writing. The teachers first provide the instruction and model a new concept of reading or writing technique to the students.

Afterwards, the students are allowed to give a return demonstration of what they learned to the teacher. Additionally, they are also given the chance to work in small groups to share the work that they have done with other students. This teaching method allows the students to learn on their own while the teacher observes their performance and provide guidance when necessary.


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