How to Help Students Get the GED Diploma

The OMA Program focuses on your career success and it begins with creating a vision and a plan. Our new, innovative and structured approach to career success, life fulfillment, and balance creates measurable benefits for individuals and organizations.

These programs are designed to assist you in answering questions key to your career success and help you if you want to continue your education. They are in line with college requirements and are endorsed by adult education organizations that help people prepare for the GED exam. As you answer these questions, you achieve greater focus toward your future.

This focus creates the roadmap to increased career success, decreased stress and increased balance. We offer programs that meet your needs. From individual coaching to assessments and workshops, all are designed to fit your schedule and achieve ultimate career success.

They work to help people succeed in their work and in their lives.  When people are in positions to do what they do best every day and when they can see a direct connection between their personal vision and their company’s mission, then no obstacles can stand in their way.

As a result, the companies we work with typically recognize profound and lasting improvements of over 35% in areas like productivity, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Ability testing

The fundamental knowledge a person needs before making any major life decision is: “What am I naturally good at?” Ability testing yields this exact information in an objective way.

The tests are all different, and each of them taps into different types of abilities. You will take tests of spatial abilities, design abilities, music abilities, reasoning abilities, and others. Individual work samples measure one ability at a time. By isolating abilities in this manner, the tests often reveal talents and abilities previously undiscovered.

After receiving feedback on the Ability Battery by a Licensed Psychologist or Counselor, you may choose to continue the Program by entering our Personal Strategic Planning Seminar.

Personal Strategic Planning Seminar

The OMA Program believes that career directions begin by helping people find out about themselves. When people have a clear idea about what kind of job will use their abilities, fit their personality and interests, and feel worthwhile – in short, what kind of job they will love doing – then they can make career moves that are proactive, creative and successful. Their careers can then express who they really are.

This seminar is designed to help you cover all of the information you need to design a life plan. It takes into account all of the factors that impact decisions about your life. Using experiential exercises, written information, and group interaction, you leave with a more focused career vision, better defined goals, and an action plan for achieving those goals.

Square One

Square One expands the Personal Strategic Planning Process to establish clarity and focus in your current organization. A focused vision allows the individual to find balance, purpose and direction within their organization. Typical participants include key leaders, executive management, and partners/directors in professional practice.

Career Vision: Assembling the Pieces

This course will combine objective assessment, experiential exercises, group interaction and individual coaching to develop a focused career vision. To accomplish this the course will be offered in several sections.

Part I: Understanding Your Unique Abilities

This two-part program begins with a 4 hour measurement of your natural, innate abilities. Tests will be administered which measure spatial, design, music and reasoning abilities. Individual work samples measure one ability at a time.

By isolating in this manner, the battery often reveals talents and abilities that you don’t even know you had. After completing the battery, you can schedule an individual 2-hour coaching session with a trained staff coach. A written report and an audiotape of the session describe each of your abilities and talents. You will also see how you can use information about your natural talents to add power to your career vision and life plans.


*Measure and describe natural talents and innate abilities through objective measurement (not self-report)

*Greater individual productivity

*Increased work efficiency

*Decreased stress

*Increased satisfaction

*Increased fit between person and job

Part II: Building the Vision

This 2-day session is designed to assist managers in making the shift from front line tactical thinking to executive strategic thinking in their own career development. This shift can be a subtle change in thinking about their career, yet necessary for them to move forward within the organization. Experiential exercises as well as educational processes will be utilized to assist in facilitating this shift in thinking.


*Understand the factors necessary in creating a career vision

*Experience the process of building these factors

*Develop a career portfolio identifying past learning and success

*Establish a beginning vision

*Identify measurements of success in achieving this vision

*Learn how to connect this vision to the organization mission and vision

*Set clear and specific development goals to move your vision forward

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