Why Sharing Knowledge Empowers You

When you teach, the content of your teaching automatically establishes the standard by which you are judged.

In other words, if you’re gonna talk it you better walk it. But walking the walk often requires making tough decisions, like changing for example…which many aren’t willing to do.

Another reason business folks don’t share information with the world is because they feel it gives them an advantage over the consumer. If they give the info, they lose their advantage. Information is power, and yes, giving the consumer information does empower them.

I initially thought this was a transfer of power from me to them as well. But what I now understand is that both the teacher and the student gain power in this exchange of information and both end up better off.

The teacher gains trust and credibility and the consumer gains the ability exercise their own free will through having an abundance of information.

The point of this post is simply this: Whatever information you possess that will benefit others, share it openly with the world. Good things will find their way back to you. Call it karma, call it blessings, call it whatever you want; but it … Read the rest

How to Help Students Get the GED Diploma

The OMA Program focuses on your career success and it begins with creating a vision and a plan. Our new, innovative and structured approach to career success, life fulfillment, and balance, creates measurable benefits for individuals and organizations.

These programs are designed to assist you in answering questions key to your career success and help you if you want to continue your education. They are in line with college requirements and are endorsed by adult education organizations that help people prepare for the GED exam. As you answer these questions, you achieve greater focus toward your future.

This focus creates the roadmap to increased career success, decreased stress and increased balance. We offer programs that meet your needs. From individual coaching to assessments and workshops, all are designed to fit your schedule and achieve ultimate career success.

They work to help people succeed in their work and in their lives.  When people are in positions to do what they do best every day and when they can see a direct connection between their personal vision and their company’s mission, then no obstacles can stand in their way.

As a result, the companies we work with typically recognize profound and … Read the rest

Grant Is Supporting ESL classes

pathNot so long ago, the Maplewood Memorial Library received the largest grant ever in the Library’s history.

The grant ($72,053) came from he pilot program of the Adult Literacy & Community Library Partnership (New Jersey’s Department of Labor & Workforce Development), and is a great help to fund the Library’s ESL (English as a second language) program. The Maplewood Memorial Library library is using the grant for 4 level-1 ESL courses and 2 conversation groups.

The courses are offered in partnership with the Passaic and Essex counties Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA) chapters, and are available at no cost.

People who don’t speak English encounter serious disadvantages when they apply for a job, when they want to use a computer, or when writing their name, resumes, or filling out forms.

People who are not able to speak and communicate in English have greater disadvantages in the workforce community and cannot be part of their community like people who do command the language.

At the moment, the Maplewood library is providing ESL instruction through the LVA, but the new fund allows for teacher-led classes being that are more rigorous.

Learners in the ESL classes will be taught basic communication skills, whereas … Read the rest

More Seniors Need ESL Skills Improvement

download-44The Howell Senior Center is planning to provide an ESL (English as a Second Language) course starting early September.

Melanie Decker, Director of the Senior Center, made clear that there is growing demand for this kind of service because the non-native speaking part of the population is increasing, and lack of transportation options make ESL lessons in Howell really needed.

The Howell Township Senior Center’s membership grows every day, says Decker, and over the last two years, we’ve seen an enormous increase in the amount of people who have only limited or no command of English, and as they don’t have adequate (if any) transportation options to attend an ESL class, our community’s seniors may feel even more alone and isolated.

The Howell Senior Center is already offering transportation services for all of its members, so participants of the the ESL class (spearheaded by social worker Ann Albano) could avail themselves of this. at. The ESL class also comes with instruction in conversational skills, as they form the basis of any language course.

Ann Albano says her goals for ESL instruction are the improvement of the partaking adults’ everyday communication skills, and the enhancement of their social interactions both in … Read the rest

Easy English Times aims to improve adult literacy

5730c7487e162-imageMany students from all over the world, when they’re looking to learn how to speak and read in English, are turning to The Easy English Times, a Napa-based newspaper publication.

For over two decades now, The Easy English Times has been a crucial ‘real-life’ resource for programs that are developed to enhance students’ literacy skills and English proficiency.

The newspaper is an 8-page publication that’s printed and published 10 times per year and gets distributed all around the world.

The Easy English Times contains posts on current events, citizenship, and life skills, and it also includes posts written by and on students. The paper’s pieces appear at varying difficulty levels to accommodate an array of readers and students as wide as possible.

Betty Malmgren is the newspaper’s publisher, and she started the publication together with a few other students when she realized that many ESL (English as a Second Language) classes used outdated and very expensive textbooks.

Malmgren had been a journalist herself, and she decided that bringing out a ‘newspaper’ would absolutely be a workable alternative to expensive textbooks, as it is relatively easy and affordable to do. The Easy English Times was at first only used at local … Read the rest