Why Sharing Knowledge Empowers You

When you teach, the content of your teaching automatically establishes the standard by which you are judged.

In other words, if you’re gonna talk it you better walk it. But walking the walk often requires making tough decisions, like changing for example…which many aren’t willing to do.

Another reason business folks don’t share information with the world is because they feel it gives them an advantage over the consumer. If they give the info, they lose their advantage. Information is power, and yes, giving the consumer information does empower them.

I initially thought this was a transfer of power from me to them as well. But what I now understand is that both the teacher and the student gain power in this exchange of information and both end up better off.

The teacher gains trust and credibility and the consumer gains the ability exercise their own free will through having an abundance of information.

The point of this post is simply this: Whatever information you possess that will benefit others, share it openly with the world. Good things will find their way back to you. Call it karma, call it blessings, call it whatever you want; but it just so happens to be true.