Why Critical Literacy Matters

Why is literacy important to you and me? To all of us? Well, literacy – in its broadest definition – is the keystone that unlocks opportunity for individuals. It matters immensely because research shows that higher literacy rates correlate to better socioeconomic, health, and quality of life outcomes. So read on to learn more about why Critical Literacy matters.

In an increasingly fragmented world, literacy – the capacity to share and communicate our stories, learning, and experiences in different mediums – is key to building cohesiveness and empathy. Check out also this video from the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation:

Literacy is important because it is the foundation upon which people are able to interact with the world, educate themselves, and thus contribute to society as well as their own well being. We value education and believe that literacy is the first step on that road.

Literacy is a fundamental skill that is important in almost every aspect of our lives, whether in school, at work, or in plain daily living. We believe that by promoting literacy, we can make a profound difference in peoples’ lives and make a significant impact in the community.

Literacy is really at the very heart of every learning opportunity and all families have important roles to play in the development of literacy at every possible stage of their children’s life. Children who started their lives in a learning-stimulating environment have a better chance of succeeding in life in general, and in school specifically. Their parents are always their first educators and teachers. Literacy programs offer parents the tools they require to help their children develop early language capabilities and literacy.

Parents should have as early as possible interactions with their children, such as talking, playing, sharing books, or playing. This will greatly help to lay a strong foundation for early language development and literacy, the essential skills for their children to become successful.

Literacy courses will help parents with finding the right tools through specially curated and tailored activities that range from rhymes, reading, games, to recipes that are specifically developed to strengthen the writing, reading, and general literacy skills their children require to develop successfully while still having FUN doing it! Teachers should also write together with their students as much as they can as should parents!

Family literacy programs are offering a more proactive and innovative approach to the development of literacy. Modern-day programs are opening up new windows of options and opportunities so that all families will be able to achieve their dreams and what they imagine: well-paying and rewarding jobs, improved education, and good health.

You can all improve your life by improving your reading, language, and life skills. For many decades, all across America, non-profit Literacy volunteers have helped tens of thousands of learners improve their reading, speaking and life skills to support them in their efforts to achieve their goal of a better life.

Literacy volunteers specialize in one-on-one and free tutoring for adult learners who require help to improve their reading skills, language skills—even math and writing skills. They believe in the power of literacy to change lives. Literacy volunteers provide the training, materials and tutor support and work with learners to improve lives through literacy.